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                   ·  ARCH 525: Statics and Strength of Materials
                   ·  ARCH 526: Steel & Wood Structures
                   ·  ARCH 527: Reinforced Concrete & Masonry
                   ·  ARCH 540: Architectural Design Studio IV
                   ·  ARCH 738: Real Estate Project Management

Supplementary Material
                   ·  Fundamental Study Guide
                   ·  Writing Style Guidelines
                   ·  Paper Template
                   ·  Useful Programs for HP 35s
                   ·  HP 35s User Manual
                   ·  EBSCO host web site

Useful Downloads
                   ·  Assignment Sample (to be used as guideline)
                   ·  MathCAD  Express Free Software
                   ·  Bentley Microstation
                   ·  Bentley Powerdraft
                   ·  Sketchup
                   ·  Minimum Design Loads for Buildings 
                      and Other Structures

                   ·  Course Discussion Boards / Fora
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Should Architects know how to design Structures?
The following is an extract of the California Business and Professions Code:
If any portion of any structure exempted by this section deviates from substantial compliance with conventional framing requirements for woodframe construction found in the most recent edition of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations or tables of limitation for woodframe construction, as defined by the applicable building code duly adopted by the local jurisdiction or the state, the building official having jurisdiction shall require the preparation of plans, drawings, specifications, or calculations for that portion by, or under the responsible control of, a licensed architect or registered engineer. The documents for that portion shall bear the stamp and signature of the licensee who is responsible for their preparation. Substantial compliance for purposes of this section is not intended to restrict the ability of the building officials to approve plans pursuant to existing law and is only intended to clarify the intent of Chapter 405 of the Statutes of 1985.